Missions and Mercy

Trinity Presbyterian Church is dedicated to ministry in both word and deed. Even as Jesus ministered in word and deed to Israel during his earthly ministry (Lk. 24:19), so we are called to minister in both word to the world around us. Even as Jesus has ministered to us in sacrificial love and self-giving service, so we are called to show sacrificial love and self-giving service to those around us, especially those in greatest need. Even as Jesus ministered to the poor, the lonely, the outcast, so we must do the same.

At TPC, we believe mercy ministries are an absolutely vital aspect of the life of a healthy church. Our motto as a church is "Aiming at Christ's maturity—Sharing in God's mission." But we cannot grow in Christ-likeness unless we learn to live like Christ, who was rich but impoverished himself in order to share those riches with us. Likewise, we cannot share in God's mission to the nations unless we have a heart for the lost, the poor, the hurting in the world around us. The proclamation of the gospel is most effective when it is wed to a community that vibrantly serves others. Further, while we believe we should be especially focused on local needs in our city, we also desire to be involved in kingdom work across the globe. Thus, we seek to partner in ministry with other believers and Christian organizations here in Birmingham and abroad.

Mission and Ministry Involvement

Here is an article outlining Pastor Lusk's vision for mercy and justice ministries: "Aiming at Shalom" (off-site).